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Update Thermometer

Dial frothing thermometer with clip is an essential tool in certain situations as boiling could potentially cause ingredients like milk

Vanilla Bean Frappe

Premium vanilla bean mix with no coffee for a caffeine free option for your cafe.

Vienna Roast

For those that like it sweet and smoky, this one is for you. Reminiscent of old world European roasting styles,

White Chocolate Sauce

Stirling White Chocolate Sauce is a creamy, chocolaty sauce that is great for a white mochas, frappes and ice cream!

WP Decaf Black Pearl

A medium roasted blend that is full bodied with medium acidity, dark chocolate and winey fruit notes. Get FREE SHIPPING*

WP Decaf Brazil Royal Select

A sweet mild cup, flowery aroma, finishes sweet and clean with low acidity. Get FREE SHIPPING* when you buy 3

WP Decaf Breakfast Blend

Calm bright beginning with lots of fruit, medium to low acidity with a clean creamy finish. Get FREE SHIPPING* when

WP Decaf Classic Cremosa

Roasted in the light northern Italian style, this espresso has a sweet creamy body with booming dark chocolate notes and

WP Decaf Ethiopia Guji

A single farm, certified organic coffee from the Oromia region that is naturally processed with notes of blueberry, blackberry, and

WP Decaf French Roast

Dark and roasty in brew and aroma, bittersweet chocolate drifts to slight berry with a clean bold finish. Get FREE