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Chocolate Sauce

Stirling’s Gourmet Chocolate Sauce is creamy and rich.  It has a pourable consistency and pumps easily.  It blends perfectly with

Classic Cremosa

Roasted in the light northern Italian style, this espresso has a sweet creamy body with booming dark chocolate notes and

Compact Designs Group Head Cleaning Brush

Made from hard wearing polypropylene, the group head cleaning brush is a must for regular maintenance of your espresso machine.

Compact Designs Knocktube

Standing at 7 inches tall, this knock bin is ideal for use at home or in a small cafe.  Using

Crema Pro Compact Designs Hangover Tamp Mat

The 90° corner overhang prevents the mat from slipping back from the edge of the counter. The molded rest for a portafliter

Crema Pro Compact Designs Tamp Mat

Protect your work surface and ensure an even tamp by using this tamper mat. Made of food grade compound rubber.

Crema Pro Dial Thermometer

Crema Pro Stainless Steel Probe with 5.5′ Stem / 1.25′ Face from 0-100C. Includes clip.

Crema Pro Home Barista Kit

The Crema Pro Home Barista Kit contains all the accessories you will need for mastering the perfect coffee at home,

Crema Pro Knock Tube 4.5in

The knock tube will suit all sizes of coffee machines, from either a small cafe to the smallest kitchen. Standing

Crema Pro Microfiber Barista Cloth 4-Pack

ABSORBENT MATERIAL: The Barista Microfiber Cloth Pack is ideal for cleaning up spills and milk and coffee residue from your

Crema Pro Milk ID Clips

The MiC is the latest addition to the Crema Pro® range and is an essential commercial barista tool. Fitting most commercial